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Learning to Let Go

I used to rely on my planner for everything. It had my schedule and had important details I needed to navigate my busy life as a college student. I loved my planner. I suppose I always have.

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I find a sense of security and control in my planner. My schedule and events are organized and I know how to prepare for what is next. When the quarantine started, I found myself scrambling to gain that sense of security. I have told God time and time again, “This is not what I planned.” Yet, nothing changed.

This morning, the Lord placed a verse on my heart that I learned from a different situation that produced similar emotions.

Proverbs 19:21 (NIV) says “For many are the plans in a man’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.”

I love that verse. I can certainly relate to it. When the Lord first brought this verse to my attention was when I was preparing for my first international mission trip to Nepal. Lots of the trip was up in the air and the lack of planning began to stress me out.

I began to pray not for my plans to work out, but that my heart would desire God’s will above all else.

There is a major change of perspective when we focus our hearts on what God wants rather than our own desires.

I’ve had to learn to do the same thing over again during this quarantine. There is a certain beauty in coming to a place where I admit that I do not have control and I need help. There in that moment I seek Jesus for who He is. Jesus didn’t ask me and He didn’t ask you to come to Him totally put together with it all figured out. That is His job. He only asked us to bring our hearts, as messy and broken as they are.

This week, I pray that my heart will begin to look a little more like Jesus and a lot less like me. I pray that I would desire God’s will versus my own plans, and I would encourage you to join me.

- Amy Turner, MSU Senior/Journalism Major/BCM PR Team Leader

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