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Murray State BCM Corona Blog: A Word from JClark

As we are now two weeks into this new season of what we hope is a “temporary normal” I want to think well about how we as the BCM will continue to move forward when it comes to ministering to college students as best as we can.

Two Weeks of Processing:

I am so grateful for advances in technology and social media platforms that allow us to connect with one another; stay up to date with news; see and converse with our friends, family, classmates, professors, etc; and even broadcast worship gatherings. I am so humbled to see how the Gospel is going forth outside of the church walls!

This is what got me thinking of my initial question, “What is the catalyst that brings people to the ministry of the BCM? Is it content or relationship?” Do people come to the BCM because the teaching is great, the music is great, the speakers are great, or the programs are great? OR…Do people come to the BCM because they are known, celebrated, loved, served, and cared for by others? I believe the answer is the latter.

I am a firm believer that life-change happens best in the context of relationships, so that is where I believe we need to continue moving forward.

Moving Forward:

I am aware that things are changing almost day to day and with that change, we must shift in our approach to ministry. However, at this point this is what I envision Campus Ministry looking like. Here it is in a nutshell:

  • Lead

  • Listen

  • Love

This being done in the context of:

  • Personal

  • Platform

Here is what I mean:

  • Lead: We want to lead well with submission to Scripture, encouragement to the Body, intentionally in relationship, forward thinking, trusting the Lord, etc.

  • Listen: We want to listen well to YOU and how you are feeling, how you are processing, the needs you may have, prayer concerns, etc.

  • Love: We want to love you in this time knowing that it is less than ideal. We want to do that with encouragement, connection, accountability, prayer, meeting needs, etc.

This is how we will do it:

  • Personally: I have encouraged all of our Freshman Family Groups and Community Groups to continue meeting with their students in their current study. Many have already started meeting back up through Zoom, FaceTime, etc. We have a GREAT Leadership Team who are ministry-minded, relationally-oriented who will be connecting with students.

  • Platform: We will be posting content (what that is exactly is still in the works…but it will be fun, encouraging, thought-provoking, call to action, etc.) through our social media platforms that will give you opportunity to engage with the Lord and engage in relationship.

If there are any needs you have, things we can be praying for, a Freshman Family Group or Community Group to connect with, a local church to worship with, etc. please let me know! Feel free to call, text, email, Facebook, etc. 985.687.9488.

Persevering with trust in the Lord,

Jonathan Clark

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